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Tips For Aromatherapy Massage

Tips For Aromatherapy Massage

Consider the following tips to get the most out of an aromatherapy massage or any type of massage:

  • Based on your needs, choose an essential oil. If you want to boost your mood, you might choose a citrusy scent, or lavender for relaxation, or eucalyptus for pain management. You can even bring your favourite Delune Pure Essential Oil.
  • When you receive a massage, decide whether you want the oil diffused or applied directly to your skin. You should choose something else if you are sensitised to a particular oil.
  • It is best to avoid going to your massage on a full stomach - this could cause upset stomach during and after the session.
  • Consider drinking water before and after your massage and eating a snack.
  • After your massage, take a warm shower. It will help you remove any excess oils left on your skin.

Your massage therapist is also your first point of contact if you have any questions about aromatherapy massage. In addition to suggesting specific essential oils, they should be able to discuss what products and techniques they would use to meet your needs.

A therapist who doesn't seem confident about aromatherapy massage may not have much experience with it.

Asthma and other breathing problems can be irritated by some essential oils. The sun can damage the skin if citrus oils are applied to it. After applying grapefruit, orange, or other citrus oil to your skin, avoid direct sunlight.

During your massage, don't be afraid to speak up. Talk to your therapist if you feel something isn't right. At any point, you can ask them to apply more oil or use more pressure.

The therapist will not interrupt your experience with questions in this quiet setting - it's up to you if you want to speak up.

Diffusing essential oils at home can provide you with some of the benefits of aromatherapy outside of massage sessions. When performed by professionals, aromatherapy massages may enhance your experience, ultimately improving your self-care routine.

Despite the fact that scientific research is still being conducted on the health benefits of aromatherapy, there is no doubt that it sometimes helps some people to feel better, often by temporarily reducing pain or mood symptoms.

Together with massage therapy, aromatherapy can make you feel even better.

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