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The History of Lemon Essential Oil

The History of Lemon Essential Oil

In the 10th Century, the lemon tree was brought over to Sicily and Spain from Southeast Asia by the Moors during the Al-Andalus Era. Herbal medicine practitioners quickly recognized the value that the lemons would have within in their practice. Lemon had cooling abilities and was known to be restorative to the body when dealing with fevers. These properties allowed for the essential oil from lemons to gain popularity.

Sicily began cold pressing the essential oil by hand, a practice that continued for centuries. As time passed and the widespread use of the oil grew, it has become a valuable element in the aromatic community. And while it is still extracted via cold pressing, we no longer have express it by hand. Lemon essential oil has become its very own category within aromatic medicine known as lemony energy. This energy can purify around us and increases the feelings of love. As a top note, lemon is often on of the first smells that we encounter in a blend of oils and gives an immediate impact to the person using it.

Lemon oil blends well with many other essential oils to create synergies that enhance the healing properties of all the oils used. This increases the antiseptic and bactericidal abilities which make it an excellent oil when dealing with colds and flus. A synergistic blend brings about anti-rheumatic effects that greatly improve pain and stiffness associated with rheumatism or arthritis.

Lemon oil is a familiar scent to virtually everyone. It elicits an almost immediate response that is associated with a refreshing and invigorating feeling. Like most citrus oils, lemon is widely used in dealing with anxiety and depression by creating an uplifting sensation. It creates space for you to have new and enjoyable thoughts while decreasing the depressive emotions that we can often experience.

The versatility of lemon oil is what makes it such a popular choice. Known for its detoxifying properties on the liver, it also works at improving digestion through the increase of pancreatic secretions. And while inhalation of the oil can prove to be effective, it also is used topically to deal with skin issues such as broken capillaries, varicose veins, and bruising.

Since lemon oil has such a pleasing aroma, it often carries great success to those that reach for it. The nose does not get fatigued easily with lemon oil, allowing the benefits of the oil to be enjoyed consistently. Lemon oil most often triggers happy memories, feelings of joy and reminders of better days. It lifts the fog that can descend on us in this busy and often stressful world.

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