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The History of Ginger Essential Oil

The History of Ginger Essential Oil

In ancient times, ginger was mainly used by the Greeks and Romans as a spice and warming remedy. Ginger roots flooded into the hungry ports of Venice and Genoa with the revival of spice trade with the Middle East post-crusade. It was valued for its spicy, sweet, yet tart flavor in the royal kitchens, imperial palaces, and ecclesiastical households in ancient times.

The use of ginger also increased as apothecaries sought it out. The roots were required as an essential ingredient for the elaborate herbal formulas of their Arabian ancestors: the ancient Greek medical system was being reformulated by a powerful Islamic culture and then being transmitted to Europe. Among many other plants that were in use at the time, Ginger essential oil was likely extracted for the first time in Europe around 1500.

Ginger Root is used to make Ginger Essential Oil

When added to other oils or tinctures, ginger is also a good antiviral and immunostimulant, stimulating both T-lymphocytes and cell-mediated immunity when treating colds and flus. It is, however, less effective once an infection has set in and has become bacterial.

Ginger always comes to the aid of bacterial infections of a cold, chronic nature. The psychological benefit of Ginger is also related to its olfactory pathway of absorption. Ginger's pungent, sweet aroma affects motivation, self-confidence, and courage.

This aromatic provides warmth and passion both to the soul and the feeling life for those who have become apathetic, unmotivated and discouraged to the point of indifference, emotional coldness and downright depression. By helping these individuals overcome their insecurities and undefined fears, Ginger can help them overcome emotional withdrawal. By doing so, it can help them become more focused and passionate about what they truly care deeply about.

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