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The Beauty of Rose Essential Oil

The Beauty of Rose Essential Oil

The rose is one of the most iconic symbols of love we have as human beings. Not only does the color and shape of the flower conjure up beautiful images of love, peace, and transcendence, but the fragrance deeply affects the human spirit in nothing but a positive way.

Roses have an extremely long history of use in perfumery, cosmetics, and even medicine. They are one of the most important and valuable commodities in the floral industry. Of all the flowers most commonly known, the rose is seen as the most universal symbol of spirituality and love in religious culture. Why? Aside from the pure beauty and fragrance, the rose is the highest frequency essential oil we have. Many studies have shown that the rose affects the human mind and body in an amazing way. For instance, a recent study was done that clearly shows the significance of having roses in work offices by highlighting how it positively affects workers by bringing about a sense of relaxation.

We all know how delightful the smell of a rose is, but how does it actually affect us? Smelling a rose helps to create not only a sense of calm but also a feeling of raised spirits. You can’t help but take deep breaths when smelling a rose which also helps to relieve stress. Some people describe the fragrance of a rose as evocative, romantic, and even surprising - because every rose has a unique essence that only strengthens the entire experience of smelling it.

Aside from all the above benefits of the rose, one of the most meaningful ways to use it is by consciously using it as a tool (rose oil) to help you get out of the state of feeling stuck - something we all experience from time to time. Us humans have so much more power in terms of influencing the way we feel. How we choose to perceive our reality directly affects the way we feel. And the story of our past is one of the most impactful ways to quickly change the way we feel. Rose oil, specifically, helps us to understand that nothing from our past needs to hamper us in the future.

Not only does rose oil help us emotionally and spiritually, it also helps us physically. Rose oil is one of the best oils to use when feeling fatigued. It has a four-fold action on nerves, digestion, vascular, and urinary systems, bringing about a cleansing that helps the body heal. It is also a great antiseptic. Its action on capillaries and its soothing, emollient qualities makes it an amazing oil for all types of skin.

And just another beautiful aspect of the rose is that they are a great example of how farming sustains and protects ecosystems and provides local plant-based economies. Because of the cultivation methods of the rose, dating as far back as hundreds of years in some areas, roses play an important economic role in all the regions where they are cultivated. For example, in parts of India, Bulgaria, Turkey, Morocco, and other places, roses are a substantial item of commerce, providing perfume oil, fresh flowers, medicines, food flavorings, and many other items.

Whether you want to use the rose to show love to a romantic partner, create a sense of calm in your work environment, or even as a tool for relaxation, there is absolutely no wrong way to use it.

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