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Restoring Connection Through Aromatherapy

Restoring Connection Through Aromatherapy

Connection is essential. A mutual exchange of energy helps us feel accepted, loved, heard, and seen. Fostering a connection with other individuals boosts our self-esteem, happiness, and overall satisfaction in life. Strong social connections have even been linked to increased chances of longevity, boosted immune systems, faster recovery from diseases, and lower rates of anxiety and depression.

Conversely, when this connection is hampered or cut off, we can feel down both physically and emotionally. Personally, I’ve even noticed that I’m more prone to neglecting my self-care routines and relationships with others. Researchers have even discovered that a shortage of social connections is more damaging than obesity, smoking, and high blood pressure.

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely hampered our ability to connect with others by limiting social interactions. Whenever it feels safe to connect once more, another variant rolls around and drives one more wedge between us and our loved ones. With this in mind, we need to find a way to maintain human connections in a safe and loving way so that we can cherish the time that we do have with the people we care for.

Aromatherapy and Our Well-Being

Aromatherapy is considered a holistic healing treatment that utilizes aromatic essential oils to improve our body, mind, and spirit. It enhances both our physical health and our emotional wellbeing. It can also be customized according to our preferences; anyone can design a soothing environment to help them release oxytocin — the love hormone — naturally.

If you need help connecting with yourself, aromatherapy is an excellent way to do so. By creating a quiet space where we can relax and inhale the aroma, we can find stillness and become more aware of what we’re feeling. It helps us reconnect with our emotional state and our higher consciousness.

Practicing mindfulness can stimulate our parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for our body’s quiet “rest and digest” conditions. This helps us lower our anxiety levels, change our perception of pain, and produce natural chemicals to neutralize feelings of stress. When we practice this mindfulness technique, we can establish a neuro-connection with this Zen feeling and the scent of essential oils. It’s a great way to train our bodies to reduce stress through aromatherapy.

Another great way to connect with ourselves is to spend time with nature. Breathe in the fresh air and savor the scent of fresh flowers and grass. If walking outdoors isn’t an option, you can replicate this relaxing scenario with the right aromatherapy oils. You can diffuse a floral scent, like our geranium rose essential oil, or go for a woody scent like cedarwood essential oil. Sit back and just enjoy the ambiance to connect with nature.

How to Maximize Aromatherapy for Social Connections

Here are ways you can use aromatherapy to boost your social connections:

Use a Diffuser

When you spend time with your family, friends, and even colleagues, you can use an essential oil diffuser to set the mood. We suggest something that smells bright and uplifting. Citrus aromas, like orange, mandarin, lemon, or grapefruit, make excellent options.

If you and your loved one still can’t meet safely, you can diffuse a scent that they love or an aroma that reminds you of them. It’s a great way to remember and maintain their energy in your space. If you and a loved one have a shared favorite scent, sending them a diffuser and your favorite oil and encouraging them to diffuse it while you talk on the phone together could be a great way to feel more connected despite the distance.

Offer Hand Massages

Another way to establish a connection with your loved one is through hand massages. Both of you might be longing for comfort after being in isolation for so long. Each one of us can benefit greatly from some form of human touch, whether it’s through hugs, a pat on the back, a hand on our arm, or linking hands.

Ask your loved ones, especially your parents or grandparents, if you can give them a hand massage. Elevate the experience by using a diluted essential oil infused with the calming scent of lavender or chamomile.


If you’re struggling to heal a strained connection with your loved ones after being separated for so long, I strongly recommend using aromatherapy. Different scents can help us de-stress and allow us to focus on nurturing our relationships. Enjoy the time you’re able to spend with your family and friends with aromatic bliss.

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