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Lost Your Sense Of Smell? Retrain Your Senses With Essential Oils!

Lost Your Sense Of Smell? Retrain Your Senses With Essential Oils!

Have you lost your sense of smell because of the coronavirus disease? You’re not alone. A recent COVID-19 study reveals 700,000 to 1.6 million U.S. residents may have lost their sense of smell for at least six months when the virus hit them.

For some people, this symptom appears even before fever, coughs, and colds. I know how terrifying the experience may be, but smell recovery is possible. One way to speed up your healing is to stimulate your olfactory nerves by training. Read on to discover how essential oils can help you achieve this feat.

How COVID-19 Impacts the Sense of Smell

Recent medical research shows SARS-CoV-2 — the virus that causes COVID-19 — can compromise the functionality of the olfactory cells in the upper nasal cavity. The two common side effects are anosmia and parosmia.


Anosmia is the medical term for the inability to smell associated with COVID-19, respiratory infections, brain injuries, and aging. People suffering from this condition also often have compromised taste buds. For this reason, some people lose interest in eating.


One less common COVID-19 side effect is parosmia — a condition that distorts the sense of smell. Individuals with parosmia often report that something that once smelled pleasant suddenly becomes horrible smelling. For instance, your favorite avocado toast may suddenly give off a rancid, burnt, or chemical scent.

The worst part about experiencing anosmia and parosmia is that these conditions are difficult to live with and may cause depression.

Retraining the Olfactory System

The best way to retrain your olfactory system is to observe a medical treatment plan, but essential oils can accelerate the process. Recent research on COVID-19-induced anosmia proves that using lemon, rose, clove, and eucalyptus oils improve recovery because of their anti-inflammatory and anti-viral effects.

Recommended Olfactory Training Technique

Olfactory or smell training involves regularly sniffing robust aromas to regain your sense of smell. I recommend using essential oils twice a day for three to six months with your physician’s treatment plans to retrain the olfactory system to achieve your treatment goals.

Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Inhale a scent slowly and deeply through each nostril for about 30 seconds.
  • Step 2: During this process, clear your mind and think of nothing else but how the oil smells. Doing so helps reestablish the smell receptors and bring back memories of the particular scent.
  • Step 3: Pause for 10 to 15 seconds and then restart the process for the other scents. If you don’t regain your full sense of smell yet, you can switch it up with a set of four new essential oils after three months.

Regain Your Sense of Smell

Losing your smell is not a pleasant experience, but keep in mind that there is a cure. Work with your doctor to determine the ideal medications for you, and supplement such efforts with our Delune Pure Essential Oils.

We would love to help you regain your sense of smell. Feel free to contact us through email or DM us to learn more about addressing your olfactory problems.

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