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Essential Oils Effects On The Body

Essential Oils Effects On The Body

Are you looking for some alternatives to the medicine you could get from the doctor's office? While nature can't cure everything, it can support a healthy lifestyle and ease some common problems. For years, alternative medicine advocates have trusted and promoted the power of essential oils. However, with their rising availability (and potential health advantages), they are becoming more popular. 

There are endless essential oils and combinations to choose from. Some are revered for their alluring smell. Others say that they have strong healing powers. Let's look at a few of the effects that these natural products can have on the body. 

Boost Immunity  

Essential oils can boost our immune response to disease. Some can even help stimulate disease-fighting white blood cells, like phagocytes. Some of the more popular immune-boosting essential oils are eucalyptus and lavender. White blood cell efficiency has been demonstrated to be increased by sage and bay laurel.

Pain and Inflammation Assistance 

Oils like thyme, rose, clove, and bergamot have been used for their mild anesthetic properties. These plant medicines, identified for localized pain relief, have been proven to act similarly to ibuprofen. Because pain is commonly associated with inflammation, some oils, such as frankincense, have anti-inflammatory qualities that prevent proteins such as cytokines and leukocytes from entering your body's tissues. 

Hormone Support 

The endocrine system is one of our bodies' most important functions because it secretes hormones that govern our bodies. Some essential oils can assist with any imbalances in the body. Clary sage, fennel, basil, and geranium have been shown to aid with hormone-induced mood imbalances, while rosemary can help reduce cortisol (a stress hormone.) 

Waste Reduction 

There are so many stressors in our everyday lives. All these add up and affect our bodies and physical functions. Poor nutrition, anxiety, and a lack of sleep can disturb our bodies' normal detoxification rhythm. Certain citrus fruits and their oils like oranges, lemons, tangerines, limes, and grapefruits have the compound D-limonene, which helps with liver function.   


Some essential oils have been shown to be effective in combating illness, germs, and viruses that cause infections. Tea tree is a powerful natural antiseptic used to cure athlete's foot which is a fungal infection. Chemical components such as thymol, found in peppermint, and eugenol, found in cloves, are both strong antiseptics.  

As you can see, there are several ways essential oils can naturally aid in the treatment of various conditions. While they aren't a cure-all, they are one of the many tools Mother Nature has provided us with to heal ourselves. The best part is that there are so many essential oils to choose from, so you can find your favorite. If you're looking for natural remedies to improve your health, try using essential oils in the future for naturopathic solutions.

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