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Aromas that transport you

Transform your space with natural, effortless, and beautiful aromas.
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Delune's Promise

When it comes to pure essential oils, it all begins at the botanical source. Delune is committed to delivering essential oils from all over the globe with integrity and botanical authority.

Experience the power of scent to transport you to new places

In a world that moves at lightning speed, it's easy to forget the value of taking time for yourself. What does it truly mean to have that luxury, that necessity of stepping back and creating space to simply be? And what is the true meaning of wealth, if not the ability to live fully and deeply in the present moment?

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Cruelty-Free Always

We champion a cruelty-free ethos. Never testing on animals, we stand against animal exploitation. True beauty shouldn't harm animal welfare.

100% Pure and Natural

Our essential oils stem from the finest plant extracts. Free from synthetics and harmful chemicals, we prioritize nature's purity.

Vegan Friendly

We're 100% plant-based. Avoiding all animal derivatives, our formulations embrace compassion and sustainability. Choose plant-powered beauty.

Proud to be British

Rooted in Britain, we support local enterprises and communities. With a deep commitment to quality and sustainability, we represent green care.

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